Dental Implants Review – Sam

I was looking for dental implants on Harley Street and came across Fazeela who sat down with me and talked about my options. I was caught in a dilemma about dental implant costs in the UK as abroad it’s always seen as being cheaper, but I was anxious to ensure my surgery was as safe as possible and I’d heard very good things about Fazeela.

The fact she teaches dental implant surgery to other dentists in the Royal College was a big bonus.The clinic itself is in Harley Street London so I was expecting the prices to be much more than other places in London, but for the level of treatment I was going for it was fairly consistent to other places outside of Harley Street.

There is a very warm, inviting element to The One To One Dental Clinic unlike most other dental practices I’ve visited before. Reception is more like being in a friend’s living room where staff are happy to make you your tea or coffee. It’s quite daunting for me to be in a situation where you have missing teeth and needing dental implants so I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect!

From the moment Fazeela sat down with me I felt at ease. I felt like she knew what she was doing and the nervousness faded significantly. I was slightly nervous on the day of surgery but all I remember is waking up in no pain and very little discomfort, just feeling disorientated like after a sleep.

I would be happy to recommend this clinic to anyone thinking of dental implants and thinks Harley Street is out of their reach, you will be surprised. Thank you for taking care of me, I’m very happy with the look and feel of my new teeth!

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Fixed Denture Implants

Missing teeth and loose dentures can be a debilitating, frustrating problem to deal with. The day to day grind of not being able to chew properly, worrying whether anyone will notice missing teeth or even being concerned dentures may come loose when out in public is hard to understand unless you’re personally experiencing it yourself. Fixed denture implants however may be the solution for you.

Considering dental implants to replace missing teeth is a big decision both functionally and financially. It can be confusing for patients to choose the right dentist and dental treatment especially with so many glittering offers from discount voucher sites and dental practices selling cheap dental implants.

Fixed denture Implants are a great compromise between cost and functionality. You can have beautiful, real looking teeth that are unique to you, hand crafted by our exceptional dental laboratory expert, the same day.

You will walk into The One To One Dental Clinic with your current teeth, one of the longest established dental practices in London, and leave smiling proudly with fixed denture implants. By using a much lower number of implants to secure your new teeth, we can significantly reduce the costs involved when compared to the alternative which is using a full set of implants.

To learn more about fixed denture implants and see whether you are suited for the treatment, please visit our main website page detailing more specific information by clicking here.

dental implant image showing implant, abutment,crown

Dental Implants at The One To One Dental Clinic

Dental implants are probably the most popular treatment provided at The One To One Dental Clinic. Dr Khan-Osborne has placed thousands of dental implants over the past 20 years and teaches implant dentistry to other dentists at The Royal College of Surgeons on the Implant Diploma and on her own dental implant course, one of the longest running and well known private courses in the UK.

Dental implants are a superb option for missing teeth or teeth that simply need to be replaced for various reasons including damaged teeth. Dental implants are made from titanium and actually consist of several components. The “screw” that integrates into the bone is the dental implant and an abutment connects to the implant and also to the tooth or crown fixated at the top. Our clinic uses only evidence based dental implant system backed by well established clinical data.

The One To One Dental Clinic solves some of the toughest cases possible with full arch restorations, smile makeovers and of course we also place many single and multiple dental implants in our new and existing patients. All dental implant procedures are carried out under sedation to substantially minimise pain or discomfort.

To learn more about dental implants and how they can help you, view the main website’s dental implant page.

Dr Khan-Osborne and her dental team posing for a photograph in lower waiting room

New Dental Website Launches!

Today the brand new 121 Dental website has launched!

We have packed the website with information on the clinic, the staff and the treatments that we provide. We plan to engage with our patients on a far greater level than we have ever done before via the website, email and sms messaging to keep everyone up to date with new advancements, treatments and news within the clinic.

If you haven’t already, please like our facebook page here and tell your friends about us as it helps the clinic greatly. If you would like to leave us a review on our Google+ page then this helps the clinic tremendously also. It will ask you to sign into your Google account and then should redirect you to where you can leave your review.

We have exciting news on a revolutionary skin treatment we are involved with, a partnership with an exclusive corporate medical and dental healthcare club and so much more!

Thank you for your continued support of the clinic and we look forward to bringing you much more in the near future!