Your Implant Journey With Us

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Facing your implant journey together...

Taking You On Your Implant Journey

  • New Patient Consultation

    We welcome you into a professional environment and listen to your concerns. After careful consideration we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate of the investment required. There is always time for questions and a period of reflection.

  • Pre-surgical planning

    To achieve your desired functional and aesthetic outcomes we place great emphasis on pre-surgical planning by utilising a range of x-ray imaging, diagnostic previews, jaw and bite analysis and surgical guides. Once you have decided to proceed, all preparation is carried out together with consent and fee payment.

  • Surgery

    All surgery is performed precisely, gently, minimising surgical trauma and improving post-surgical experience, guaranteeing superb aesthetic results.

  • Recovery

    After surgery you are supervised by one of our nurses and prior to discharge we will ensure that you have full instructions and a 24 hour point of contact for help and advice.

  • Reconstructive phase

    Our pre-surgical planning and meticulous approach to surgery pays dividends, ensuring the best aesthetic result. All of your functional requirements are attended to and every care is taken to ensure that we met your needs and wishes. The use of pre-daylight photography and your pictures prior to tooth loss allow us to communicate with our technician accurately and effectively.

  • Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our primary concern. At the end of treatment we ensure that we have achieved out initial outcomes and you are completely satisfied with the end result. To learn more about dental implant procedures in Harley Street click here.

  • Maintenance

    We invite you to return to us on an annual basis so that we can ensure that your finished treatment remains in an optimal, stable and functional state whilst also maintaining your aesthetic results.

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