dental implant image showing implant, abutment,crown

Dental Implants at The One To One Dental Clinic

Dental implants are probably the most popular treatment provided at The One To One Dental Clinic. Dr Khan-Osborne has placed thousands of dental implants over the past 20 years and teaches implant dentistry to other dentists at The Royal College of Surgeons on the Implant Diploma and on her own dental implant course, one of the longest running and well known private courses in the UK.

Dental implants are a superb option for missing teeth or teeth that simply need to be replaced for various reasons including damaged teeth. Dental implants are made from titanium and actually consist of several components. The “screw” that integrates into the bone is the dental implant and an abutment connects to the implant and also to the tooth or crown fixated at the top. Our clinic uses only evidence based dental implant system backed by well established clinical data.

The One To One Dental Clinic solves some of the toughest cases possible with full arch restorations, smile makeovers and of course we also place many single and multiple dental implants in our new and existing patients. All dental implant procedures are carried out under sedation to substantially minimise pain or discomfort.

To learn more about dental implants and how they can help you, view the main website’s dental implant page.